Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

So January is GONE! It's pulled a Jimmy John's on us and came freaky fast.
I still have my xmas tree up, a bowl of orange fluff in the fridge, and a broken TV in my porch; yes, I'm being lazy and I'm okay with it. I have spent the holidays with family and doing the stuff that I wanted to do. Isn't that what this season is supposed to be about? Well, that's exactly what I did. I took it one day at the time, as much as my mood swings allowed me, and it was awesome. God knows it was hard, but I did my best. And it was worth it. Family is always worth it.

As the year goes on, I am working on my attitude and goals. Now, it's not that I am a mental mess, no; I do get discourage every now and then. I tend to procrastinate and lose my motivation. So that's my worst enemy at the moment, and I am fighting it off. It's hard, but I am not giving up just yet. For example, I got me business cards (which I am obsessed about) so I can keep writing and it's working. I just need to gather the courage to go up to people and make connections. I guess you can say I am a mental mess. Then again, I always have been. I just need to clear up my head and fill it up with  positive thoughts.
So it is February now. Crazy how fast and slow it's going. I don't have any big plans this year, besides seeing Panic! at the Disco over the summer at the Stir Cove, and the five-year anniversary with the boyfriend. Hopefully this year I can propose and finally tie the knot! Who knows! Maybe by the end of the year I will be Mr Adrian Conrad!?

Friday, January 8, 2016

As 2015 came to an end...

     This year I didn't write much. I didn't have much to say, to be honest. I really didn't do a lot; I either worked all the time and spent time at home being lazy, or I simply had no life to speak of. Today is no different.
I recently found me a second job. I am the front desk at a hotel, and I love it. And I want to thank my life partner for not letting me give up on my job search; I was so close to go back to fast food! Now, I find myself working with great people, learning new things, accomodating my life around these jobs, and loving going in to work. I do feel guilty for the small amount of physical work I have to do at both jobs, I feel like it's a lazy way to earn my money, but I also think that I've paid my dues and I deserve to "slack" now. I mean, I believe I do above and beyond within my position, and I am always willing to learn and help as much as I can. This upcoming year I will be looking into ways to move up within the same companies I work for; who knows, maybe I'll become a medical assistant or the next GM of a hotel!? Whatever happens in the next few years, I think I am going to stick around these places for a while.

     In the meantime, I am still writing and blogging on here and because it is what I love to do, and it makes time well spent. It is in my plans to self-publish some thing mid-2016 so I am putting together the scribbles from all the notebooks I've kept, and I'll come up with something; of course I will be seeking a way to get discovered as a writer, but I can always make it happen myself and push myself forward from there. Nothing is impossible.
For example, I started this post last year, and I am just finishing! As long as we finish what we start, I think we will be okay. Especially on Netflix. There is nothing more annoying than leaving a show or movie halfway, and my 'Continue Watching' List gets longer by the days. Please pick up where you left off and move forward till the end. Okay, so I am going to end this post before I rant into something that makes no sense or relates to this. Stay cool, people. Invite me to events. Let's have dinner some time. We will talk soon.