Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Shuffle.

I am giving in, and doing this 'put your iPod in shuffle and talk about the first five songs that pop up' thing; I thought it's a little overused, but I imagined I might as well add it to the tacky things I've done. These are the original five songs that played, not cheating.

"CUT" by Graham Colton
I had discarded this song from the list because it didn't bring many memories back, but I then realized how much the singer has been part of my life throughout the years I've been listening to his music. The first time I heard him play was when he opened for Avril Lavigne in 2007; there had been a crazy shooting at the mall in my city that year and he respectfully dedicated a song to the victims's families. I got to meet him after the show, and I thought he was a great, humble, down-to-earth talented guy. I became a fan instantly, so I created a Twitter account to follow his career, and he was my very first Follower on such social media app; he wished me Happy Bday a couple of times, he replied to comments on Facebook, he allowed me to use one of his songs for a project of mine, and mentioned me when talking about rooting for the Huskers (Go Big Red, not that I care for football). Of course the main reason why I admire him for is his talent, and I support him all the way; his music has accompanied my life for seven years, and he's made his fans part of his life as much as he's able to. I wish other artists did the same he does, but I guess his fame status allows him the luxury of closure with fans, and I'm okay with that. He probably wants more recognition, but I am sure he is in the business more for the love of art; I mean, I was going to buy all three albums, even though I already owned them, for what a regular album costs nowadays, but he only took $20 and put the rest of the money back in my hand, and emphasized HE LOVES MAKING MUSIC. And this memory has kept me supporting him all this time, wouldn't you do the same for your favorite independent artist?

"CRASH AND BURN" by Savage Garden
Ever since I can remember, I keep my eye open to catch something new that I may be interested in; and this band was one of the first ones that I discovered before I knew about them through a show. And I loved their music; I was fascinated. It was a different sound that captivated me, and it made me feel contemporary with a lifestyle that I could only live in my fantasies; but it kept that spark alive to continue striving for uniqueness and rising stars. This was Savage Garden. I blasted their album at 4am in Day of the Dead; I wanted people to listen and wonder who that was, and to look them up. But that was then; now, when I find a band that I enjoy, I want to keep it secret and to myself. I don't need the teenage mobs running after them when I only want to chill and get lost in the music. Now, this band reminds me of the times when I stayed up watching Dawson's Creek and searching every artist in its soundtrack album, thinking that maybe I'd like the rest of their stuff; it reminds me of the times when I started to discover my own taste and definition of who I am today through music.

A Spanish singing band that came off a soap opera whose appearance was based on a real pop music band from the 80s. I never got to watch all the soap opera, since my TV didn't have enough signal for that channel, but from the pieces that I did watched, I really enjoyed it. I bought the soundtrack which  I loved even more. It was different, but similar to the original band that they had been based on. This song in particular made a huge impact on my teenage years when I started to fall for a boy, and I was all dramatic and shit. I guess I also identified with the character that sang this song, and its catchy tune was the whole package for me. To this date, I still have a book full of magazine cut outs, and I tear up whenever I think about it. It's been over a decade, no pun intended to the name of the band that translated into English is a funky way of the word decade, and my skin still gets the chills whenever my iPod plays one of their songs; especially this one.

"GIVE ME TONIGHT" by Adore Delano
Ever since Danny Noriega and his YouTube alter ego 'Angel Baby' I had been a fan; I voted for him as a drag queen to get on past seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, and when she finally made it, I was one happy and excited camper. I had been rooting for her from the second I found out that she was casted for season six. When the show finally came on air, I was a little disappointed for her performances, but I never stopped rooting for her; even if she was inexperienced next to the other girls, I was proud of her because she was putting up a good fight, and she was growing. It was great seeing her bloom and sprout, both professionally and personally. It was amazing when she made it to the top three, and even though she didn't win, I felt like she did. Adore has come a long way, and there is so much more for her, and as a fan, I will be rooting for her. Proof be told, her album released has been the most successful in Drag Race Herstory; it has a couple of WTF songs, but overall, it's a good album. And although I just found out this song in particular is a cover, and it's made me really sad, I still think she made a great performance and justice to it. Take a listen; it is worth it.

"AURA" by Lady Gaga
Y'all know I am a Little Monster (Paws Up), and although I still think that the original title to this song was the best option, I also respect the religious background and foundation that it came about. It is a great song, great and different sound from what we're used to hear from Mother Monster. In general, ARTPOP is a masterpiece, and it saddens me that she didn't take the time to promote and spread its meaning extensively; even more, it's sad the her own fans turned on her just because she tried something new. All her albums have been different from one another, silly geese. Open your pipe hole, or some of you should close it, and quit trying to make it all about yourself; more than likely, the artist will be doing what they feel like it, hoping their fans will like it too. If you don't like it, then don't come back with some stupid 'I liked her old stuff.' because I will slap you and tell you to go and worship Madonna whose music still sounds 90s and no risk at all --or she does try, but comes back with some cheerleader shit like WTF!!! Anyway, Lady Gaga. This song. When she released her iTunes performance, and this song was in it, I died with excitement. I had been waiting for a couple of years since the original title and its message had been leaked, and it was all I had expected. And the rest of the album as well. There are a couple of songs that are not relatable to me, or at least 90% of her followers, but the sound is dancy and good to play in the background while you drive with your windows down and sunroof opened so I'm not complaining.

And that is it.
Hope some of you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think of the music I have in my iPod.