Sunday, April 6, 2014

To the Side-hoes and the Thirsty Sluts

Dear readers, tonight I want to send out a message to the lovely people that come in between couples, knowing or not. Let's say you are practicing the five steps I gave you in prior blogs, but you're still having some issues with your significant other because of "x" reasons. What to do now, right? You are doing everything you can to make the relationship work, yet it doesn't seem to be reciprocated; or, you still get the gut feeling that there is something else is going on which usually ends up being true. In my case, sadly enough, it has been. My bad experiences have been an issue in my present relationship, I must confess; I've let my insecurities become a real drag, and my boyfriend has put up with it for a while, and I apologize every time, but I know it has to stop. Remember people, let's work on ourselves, and the rest will just fall into place.

Things for your other half to beware: you may believe you are doing nothing wrong, but the moment you start deleting texts and messages, you are fucking up. The moment you allow others to talk to you inappropriately, you are leading them on; do not tell me it's the way you two talk because it shouldn't be. The moment you omit little things to spare your significant other the wandering ideas or irrelevant thoughts, you are lying and if there is nothing going on, there is no reason to omit anything, right?

But there is always someone else out there who is "just a friend."
The ones that just want to holler because they think your boo is cute, and it's too bad they're taken.
Or the one that has actually gotten your boo's attention.

And here's my response to every one of them:
One- I still am THE BOYFRIEND. Know your place, and that is, you are the one that has to wait until I have been satisfied and tended to. I always come first. I am the one he introduces to everyone. I am the one his family knows about, and the one they expect to attend holidays. Have the few minutes and texts you can scrape from him, enjoy them and put them up next to your self-respect.
Two- If my boo were to end our relationship to start one with you, let me walk out peacefully and with an advice for you, if he cheated on me with you, he will cheat on you with someone else. There is a reason why  he left me, and he will find one to leave you as well. Karma is a bitch; sooner or later, it will catch up with you. You have been warned.
Three- When my boo ends his phase, I will be waiting at home; you may think I'd be stupid to take him back, but you're wrong. I am his penance, and I will make him pay for the time he put me through, and then move on. When in relationships, I consider humans to be like dogs; they might go off on their own and play around, do their thing, get the boredom out of their system, and then come back to where their heart is. They might misbehave, and their owner will punish him for a while, but it'll be over and forgiven in no time.

We're all dogs and bitches.
Just know that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Remember that the owners always have the leash of those filthy dogs.
And the bitches trying to jump over fences end up in ditches if fuck with the wrong owners.

That's all. Go back to your hole, now.