Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Want Me To Change... Change... Change...

It's way past my bedtime, but I took a long nap so I'm up, restless and sleepless. But in good company, besides my booskee and our Charlie, I'm listening to Josiah Leming; a long day awaits me, but I'm a tough bitch so I can own it running on few hours of sleep so I'll be good.
The point of this blog, if there is any point EVER, is to share two good things that may be happening in my life pretty soon. One is, I am back to my "normal" pants size YES!!!  There was a time last year when I put on a few pounds, and I was very sad, more angry at myself than anything else -but more afraid to obsess over it and freak out and fall back into my bulimic habits. Once I started working more, I cut back in a few extra meals and I recently found out that the pants I put away fit me again. Now, my favorite pants are not longer in my possession; I am getting older, and I accept the fact that some times our bodies just change and do not go back to what they once were, and I'm okay with that. So I got rid off of it, and it felt good; it was like giving away the fear of change and age. I felt like those pants were my last grasp of youth, stacked in my drawer, hoping I'd be able to use them again, but some times we gotta let go. I am still, but I am not 30 size pants young. You know what I mean? And I am okay with that. Same with my ironic t-shirts, I love them, but I think is time to get rid off them, move on, grow up, and wear clothing more appropriate to my age. Some people might say, WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK!? and I agree, but this is not about what their opinion because I could care less; this is about how I feel when I dress. It's always about me, ya'll should know by now haha -This is about how I portray myself, and those Ts are no longer me, I am not seventeen anymore; I don't want to wear any logos, brands, or Spencer's hilarious and unique clothing. I just want to wear what makes me feel good, because when you feel good, you radiate, you care about yourself, you have a better day, and that's how I want my rest of my life to be. If you know me, I don't care what or where I buy my stuff; you can see me at the mall or at the Goodwill, if I like something, I'll get it. And that's the attitude I am going to keep from now on. Change begins from within ourselves.

Now, the second thing: I just need to study three books, go to a coupla classes, and pass a test, and I will become an Assistant Manager at the fast food restaurant. It may not be a big deal, and I could care less, but I am pretty excited because it means more income at home, and more opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and in the company with people that believe that I can manage a business. This has been a long road, and I appreciate the people that has been involved and have helped me along the way, it's been a team effort, but I worked just as hard nonetheless. So yeah, hope I can manage these three little steps so I can achieve the main goal. I want to do great not just for me or the ones that supported me, but my family at home being Mitch and Charlie, and also my mother and brothers so I'd be able to aid every now and then. I know that they can manage just fine, my mother is a tough cookie, but I will always pitch in whenever I am able to; there were times, before I moved out, when I needed an extra hand to help me up, and my family was ALWAYS there, so yes, I will be there when I can. No further explanation. This point in my life is a big accomplishment for me because I come from a humble background, I never had much, but I always aimed for higher and worked hard for it; you may say I am just a big cliche, and I just might be, but I can back it up. When it comes to my job, I think I am good at it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be promoted, right? Alrighty, just wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted. Whether I pass or not, I know I am on the right path.